Zelda Map Stitch: Amazing Video Game Art

This beautiful Zelda Map remake is wonderful and creative video game stitch artwork that brings us back to the Zelda days we remember from the old Nintendo consoles.

Zelda was a heck of a favorite for many gamers that were present during the old NES and SNES days, and this stitched art from SpriteStitch is wonderful way to bring the memory back. It measures 36.5 cm by 32 cm and took only 4 months to create. I know that if I had this Zelda map in my possession, it would be hung on the wall as a memory for the time spent in front of the video games as I was growing up.

We have seen other great stitched craft bringing old video games to life with the Space Invaders Stitch and also the Donkey Kong Quilt we seen not so long ago. Although all can be praised as great video game art, your preference would determine which is the best.

Via: BoingBoing