Moss Space Invaders Project

If there’s anything that could be considered a space invader, it’s moss. This organic material is now more than just a soft cover on rocks and trees, it has become living art.

Space Invaders Moss

This project was part of the winter Tisch ITP program. ITP is a 2 year graduate program that explores the use of imaginative communication technology that functions as both art and media. The “Space Invaders” moss project was designed by Marko Manriquez and Kimi Spencer for the 2010 ITP winter show. The idea behind creating the moss “Space Invaders” was to create alternative graffiti that could also be environmentally friendly. The moss paste was “painted” and grown directly on the brick wall taking around a couple weeks to grow in. Besides adding a touch of green to the otherwise concrete jungle that is large cities, moss can also sequester carbon, serve as air filters, regulate humidity and even has antimicrobial properties. Rather than using harmful spray paint, graffiti artists could continue to express themselves with their art through the use of organic materials.

Space Invader Moss Alien

Aside from the iconic shape of the aliens, each invader also plays an 8-bit musical sound when touched. Some of the aliens even have speech bubbles enticing the “earthlings” to touch them. Visitors have the option of either listening to the 8-bit cacophony or joining in themselves to create a little symphony of sound effects from the game. While the question of why “Space Invaders” is never answered, it probably isn’t a stretch to say that the designers wanted to choose something that is both fun and easily recognizable.

You can watch a video showcasing the mural below:

This is a great idea and while it probably won’t catch on among graffiti artists, it could be a great way for guerilla marketing. Rather than tagging buildings or sidewalks with paint, why not grow your tag? It’s technically not vandalism if its natural, right?

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Via: Core77 and NYU ITP