Steampunk Girl Genius Radio Theater Microphone

Steampunk can be applied to a lot more things than just clothing and accessories. This steampunk inspired microphone does a great job of combining elements of the genre as well as a classic radio mic appearance.

steampunk microphone

For those not in the know, “Girl Genius” is a webcomic that centers around a, you guessed it, girl genius who has the inventor’s touch. The comic has heavy steampunk influences. This particular mic was designed by Jake von Slatt of the Steampunk Workshop. Commissioned for “Girl Genius” theater skits for SteamCon, this microphone features all the necessary features of steampunk and packs a punch with a fairly decent microphone.

steampunk microphone side 2

The materials, while maybe not necessarily found in every household, are fairly common and can be found at local junkyards or even from relatives. The microphone is from Shure, and the main materials include:

  • desk microphone stand
  • candle holder
  • brass findings
  • Eimac transmitter tube

Some of the steps were outsourced, namely the cutting of the brass into particular shapes, but it was entirely retrofitted by von Slatt. While there are still some rough edges on the details around the mic, overall the design and attention to detail are impeccable.

steampunk microphone front

One of the great things about this mic is that while it does have a very definite steampunk presence, it also stays true to old school radio microphones. It’s very sleek and attractive. The microphone’s height is adjustable as is its angle. The cable is also long enough that whoever is using it can move it around with ease. The other great part, it glows green to inform the audience and speaker when the mic is “On Air.”

steampunk microphone side

If it weren’t for a few key features, this mic could almost pass as a true antique radio microphone. The beautiful design and execution lead this prop for a theater show into the realm of artwork.

steampunk microphone close up

steampunk microphone closeup 2

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Via: Steampunk Workshop