Light Your Way to Vroom: Motorcycle Lighter Mods

Pretty sure that Tom Thumb would have been only more than happy if Thomas Langley would have added some Pygmy Motorcycles into his stories while penning them down! After all, which thumb-sized creature would not wish to take a ride on it while we full sized humans long to ride around on the cute little teeny weenie miniature motorbikes?

Yes! This is all about those small tiny models representing the original objects physically, but not mechanically. Dub it the mini bike, pocket bike or even a pygmy motorbike, it is sure to be a much prized possession for all the motorbike aficionados. Well, with the motorbike history dating back to 1885 when German inventors designed the first bike, the invention and further innovations have been on a roll and have not stopped ever since.

Present day exhibits such state of affairs that many buffs end up not realising the desire of getting their hands on their dream bike. But the pygmy bikes come to their rescue fulfilling part of their wishes. In earlier times, enthusiasts made the first miniature bikes from parts they found their garage or elsewhere. Later on, making miniature models of bike have become such business that fresh materials were being purchased solely to create the miniatures. Even to this day, a search on the internet will reveal and confer know-hows to build them.

But today, we have easier, economic and much brilliant ways of building a pygmy bike. Instead of relying on kits, or other parts to be gathered after a long search, all we need is just two cigarette lighters. Easily available for couple of bucks from a nearby store, dismantling both the lighters is what we have to do first. Well, using although a bit of trial and error with addition of a little bit of glue, it is not at all a prodigious task but a simple one.

Just imagine! Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner would have never in his wildest imaginations thought that his creation would be taken to pieces to create another formation. But one good thing about this is for people who are trying to quit smoking and people who have already quit. Use your lighter brilliantly for the best outcomes instead of creating combustion at the flick of a button.

So it is time let your creativity flow out and vroom into world of bikes from the world of lighters.

This is so cute! Certainly, this will appeal to those who wish to quit smoking. However, if you think it is not your cup of tea, go through these lighter designs such as Hot Flame Lighter and Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter.

Via: Crunch Gear