An Ukulele For Snaily Tracks

The Ukulele is one instrument that is available in a variety of shapes and different ranges of designs. For instance, there is the figure eight ukulele that is shaped like a guitar, the pineapple which, as the name suggests, has no curves and the cut away which allows your fingers to reach the frets without obstacles. If you find those traditional shapes downright boring, here comes the snail ukulele. Snailele! Originally customized and made to order and the likings of Darby Wilcox, it is a creative masterwork from the musical duo- ‘O Mello Cello Tree’ and produced for you by Celantano Woodworks. So are you ready to ‘lay down some slick tracks’?

Ukuleles generally come in four sizes, the largest of which is the Baritone that is thirty inches long and are much like guitars. At 26 inches, the tenor follows and are preferred by guitar players. Then comes the Concert, which is 23 inches long and the Soprano- the smallest, at 21 inches long. Each of these ukulele sizes have their advantages and comforts for the musician, and the makers of Snailele, can make it to your choice and specifications. You can also ask for any other features or ‘snail’-details that you would like to be added to personalize the Snailele.

Despite the playful looks of the Snailele, it is actually a quality-crafted, sturdy musical instrument that is made from both hard and soft maple on the top. Maple, which is known for its good concreteness, treble and spirit makes the sound livelier and gives it a sprightly effect. The entire ukulele is hand-painted and attention has been given to the slightest details to make it look realistic and as ‘snail-ish’ as possible. Water colours and sunburst style has been used to give the surface a grainy look the beauty of which Maple ukuleles are typically known for.

The Snailele is easy to use and can be used professionally too. Mind you, slow jams only. Pun intended. It is designed with an under saddle pickup and flaunts a built-in electronic control amplifier with volume and tone control. The preamp has high impedance and can work under the toughest situations. Imagine all the songs you could strum on it. Maybe cover AC/DC’s ‘Shell’s Bells’ or ‘Come Snail Away’ by Styx. Fans of the Snailele are getting into the spirit and making ‘snaily’ puns at while accepting this innovative design. Priced at $800, this one will not let you down.

Musicians are sure to fall in love with this incredible instrument! If you have a passion for music too, don’t forget to check Steampunk Electric Guitar and Cthuhu Mythos Ukulele.