Couple Makes Wedding Invitations in the Form of Movie Posters

If you were lucky enough to find your soul mate, life as a married individual might seem like a dream within a dream within a dream, just like the Inception movie.

Let’s face it, most wedding invitations are so dull that not even the news enclosed in them doesn’t make them any better. Some couples seem to totally lack creativity, but luckily, this is not the case with Joshua Watson and Rachel Van der Merwe. These two picked some of (presumably) their favorite flicks and created several geeky wedding invitations that resemble the posters of said movies.

First of all, there is Reception instead of Inception. The names of the actors are replaced with the names of the groom, the bride and the other major figures. More than that, the name of the restaurant where the wedding took place was also featured. “Critics” promised that it would be a party within a party, fact that emphasized even more the resemblance to Inception.

Next was An Engagement, made in the style of the poster for An Education. From a distance, it would be really difficult to know which one was made for the movie and which one for the wedding, as the position of these two little lovebirds is so similar to the one of the actors, it’s uncanny! The only major difference is the skirt worn by Rachel.

For the poster seen above, Joshua played the role of Humphrey Bogart, who in turn played Rick Blaine, while Rachel was cast in the role of Ingrid Bergman, the famous Swedish actress who breathed life into the role of Ilsa Lund.

The poster for Little Miss Sunshine was turned into Don’t Miss Dinner. The typography, the shades and even the positions of the participants stay true to the original. As in the case of Inception, there are a lot of fake quotes from “critics” on this one, too.

Last, but not least, is a wedding invitation titled Walk the Aisle. This was made to resemble the poster of Walk the Line, a movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Joshua and Rachel changed the name of the actors, and pretty much all the other text, too. The only thing that remained unchanged was the original tag line: “Love is a burning thing.”

I wish these two the best of luck in their new life, and I hope they’ll be as creative in the future, too!

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