Netflix Comes to Nintendo 3DS Devices

Since it’s release, the popularity of the Nintendo 3DS has been luke warm at best.  While it is the next new device, there are those who didn’t want to shell out the extra money for such a limited selection of games and applications.  That may soon change.

Netflix, despite inciting a bit of anger from their recent changes to their price plans, is still considered the absolute and undisputed king of the internet movie business.  The service is so popular that it seems as though no wireless internet device is really worth its salt unless it is able to stream the Netflix movie stable with minimal problems.  This is how devices such as the Apple TV have become so popular, because instead of having to watch the shows on your desktop or laptop, you can watch them on your television or iPad, or other tablet computers.

As of today, you can now say there is one more device that will allow people to stream Netflix, and in the process making that device all the more popular.  It became known today that the Nintendo 3DS is offering users access to the wide array of movies and television shows on Netflix and along with the addition of the newly completed “eShop” that will allow users to buy and download games directly on the 3DS as well as download other apps and features that were not made available before now.  One feature that is not quite offered just yet is the ability to stream 3D movies from Netflix, there are absolutely none offered currently as a streaming option despite there being over 3,000 different movies and show episodes currently.

Considering the popularity of other 3D devices like televisions that also have either the built in ability, or connectivity to devices that have the ability, it is a wonder if Netflix won’t be offering at least a trickle of 3D movies in their streaming department sometime in the near future.  Of course, one of the things that would spur such a move would be real demand, and currently there just isn’t a huge outcry due to the lack of streaming 3D content.  Should there be, Netflix is certainly the company that could fill that need.