Nintendo announce their New 3DS XL for America & Europe

Nintendo had their big multimedia event, the Nintendo Direct today, and they used it to introduce the New 3DS, their latest portable console, which is now confirmed to get an American release.

New 3DS XL 1

The last few days had seen a series of possible ads and leaks that suggested that Nintendo of America was just about ready to announce the arrival of the New 3DS to Europe and America. Turns out all of these leaks were true, and the Nintendo Direct from today saw the official confirmation. Europe is getting both the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, while America will only get the New 3DS XL, the bigger version.

These new iterations in the 3DS family were introduced by the charismatic Reggie Fils-Aime, president of the American division, who walked the audience through some of the new features such as the improved L y R, with the new ZL y ZR right beside them. This new console also adds a second analog pad to control the camera in some titles and create an experience more similar to those of home consoles. Yet, despite all this, the biggest change is the improved 3D functionality: the front cameras now track the user’s head, and from that calculate the optimal angle for the 3D ensuring they don’t have to shake their head around anymore to get the best effect.

New 3DS XL 2

The system will be sold at $200 USD, and Japanese gamers (who have already been playing with it for a while now) are claiming it’s absolutely worth it for such a substantial upgrade. The console will launch in red and black versions, but we already know for a fact there are two special editions coming based off of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter respectively.


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