The Best New Geeky Art of the Week #3

The scariest version of Venom in history; Rembrandt meets the Teletubbies; Mega Man looking cool as hell; R2-D2 on his quest for love; Apes enjoying hunting; A collage creating Darth Vader and Princess Peach in the Victorian age.

Venom Looking Scary as S&^%

Rembrandt Meets the Teletubbies

The original painting by Rembrandt is called ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’, dated back to 1632.


I think he was scarier before.

Dinosaur Avengers

The Avengers have been everywhere in recent months. I’m almost sad the sensation is just going to slowly fizzle from now on.

Mega Man: Apothiosis

R2-D2 Finds a Lover

Planet of the Apes – Hunters Pride

Darth Vader

Stoner Shaggy

If you didn’t think Shaggy was a Stoner before…

Victorian Princess Peach

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