Rumors Of New Nintendo Console Emerge Amidst The Chaos

It’s not been the best of times for Nintendo as of late, between reduced profit forecasts and low sales in the Wii U department, but could they be already working on their next console? Well. if you want a straight answer, it’s “not likely”, but the rumor mill won’t stop. Insiders and several sources in the industry claim Nintendo’s next machine, the Nintendo Fusion, is just around the corner.

Nintendo Wii U

After claiming doom and gloom for years, it finally seems the vocal fanboys of the internet can say “I told you so!”. Nintendo has presented its worst financial report in a while, and seems like the Wii U is in serious trouble of becoming the big N’s first failed home console ever. Keeping with the tone, some news popped up at Nintendo News today, where they claim that despite the negative numbers, the company still has some fight left in the form of a new, upcoming console called Nintendo Fusion.

Now, keep in mind this is rumor after rumor, although companies do start working on new prototypes and machines right after a console launches, and the Wii U has been out for over a year: the surprising thing would be if they hadn’t considered a successor at all. With this in mind, the new entries in the Nintendo Family would be called Fusion DS and Fusion Terminal respectively, one being a home console and the other being a portable. The idea? Apparently, to unify libraries and the interaction between the two machines in order to provide gamers with the best possible experience. The alleged specs would be:


  • CPU: ARMv8-A Cortex-A53 GPU: Custom Adreno 420-based AMD GPU
  • COM MEMORY: 3 GB LPDDR3 (2 GB Games, 1 GB OS)
  • 2 130 mm DVGA (960 x 640) Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Slide Out Design with Custom Swivel Tilt Hinge
  • Upper Screen made of Gorilla Glass, Comes with Magnetic Cover
  • Low End Vibration for Gameplay and App Alerts
  • 2 Motorized Circle Pads for Haptic Feedback
  • Thumbprint Security Scanner with Pulse Sensing Feedback
  • 2 1mp Stereoptic Cameras
  • Multi-Array Microphone
  • A, B, X, Y, D-Pad, L, R, 1, 2 Buttons
  • 3 Axis Tuning Fork Gyroscope, 3 Axis Accelerometer, Magnetometer
  • NFC Reader
  • 3G Chip with GPS Location
  • Bluetooth v4.0 BLE Command Node used to Interface with Bluetooth Devices such as Cell Phones, Tablets
  • 16 Gigabytes of Internal Flash Storage (Possible Future Unit With 32 Gigabytes)
  • Nintendo 3DS Cart Slot
  • SDHC “Holographic Enhanced” Card Slot up to 128 Gigabyte Limit
  • Mini USB I/O
  • 3300 mAh Li-Ion battery

Fusion Terminal

  • GPGPU: Custom Radeon HD RX 200 GPU CODENAME LADY (2816 shaders @ 960 MHz, 4.60 TFLOP/s, Fillrates: 60.6 Gpixel/s, 170 Gtexel/s)
  • CPU: IBM 64-Bit Custom POWER 8-Based IBM 8-Core Processor CODENAME JUMPMAN (2.2 GHz, Shared 6 MB L4 cache)
  • Co-CPU: IBM PowerPC 750-based 1.24 GHz Tri-Core Co-Processor CODENAME HAMMER
  • MEMORY: 4 Gigabytes of Unified DDR4 SDRAM CODENAMED KONG, 2 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600 MHz (12.8 GB/s) On Die CODENAMED BARREL
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless
  • Bluetooth v4.0 BLE
  • 2 USB 3.0
  • 1 Coaxial Cable Input
  • 1 CableCARD Slot
  • 4 Custom Stream-Interface Nodes up to 4 Wii U GamePads
  • Versions with Disk Drive play Wii U Optical Disk (4 Layers Maximum), FUSION Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) and Nintendo 3DS Card Slot
  • 1 HDMI 2.0 1080p/4K Port
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Inductive Charging Surface for up to 4 FUSION DS or IC-Wii Remote Plus Controllers
  • Two versions: Disk Slot Version with 60 Gigs of Internal Flash Storage and Diskless Version with 300 Gigs of Internal Flash Storage

So, again, these are mere rumors, and we really can’t imagine Nintendo rushing to replace the Nintendo 3DS, which is currently doing great and competing toe to toe with other portable devices such as cellphones and tablets. Also? Say what you will, but we’re sure the Wii U has a few tricks up its sleeve yet, and we’ve not seen it all yet. For example, where’s my new Zelda?

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