Hyperkin’s Game Genie: Have 1000s of Cheats at Your Command

The Game Genie is back for the modern age, with so many cheats and tricks for your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS.

Game Genie Image 1

Arcades are long gone and gaming magazines are disappearing faster than you can Tweet, but not all of our favorite 80s & 90s trappings have kicked the bucket just yet. Hyperkin, a jack-of-all assorted videogame related goods, is summoning an old reliable (cheating) stand-by that gives users the power to be game-breaking unstoppable gods, the almighty Game Genie.

Paired with a Nintendo 3DS, or any variation of the Nintendo DS for that matter, Hyperkin’s Game Genie does… well, do I really have to explain what it does? Seriously? Okay, well, it unlocks everything. Everything. With up 60,000 hidden cheats and tricks over 300 titles, which can be expanded via Wi-Fi through the online Game Genie database, you can break any game to your will, granting unlimited lives, infinite health, or whatever.

Game Genie Image 2

Hyperkin has also added in a few extras just so you won’t be tempted to think of the Game Genie as a one-trick pony, like being able to back-up and transfer save files, listen to music, and watch videos by inserting a MicroSD card into the plug-in cart. And for around $20 bucks, it should make the perfect gift for any Nintendo 3DS/DS owner (if not, then boy do we got an awesome geeky list for you.)

Bacon. Is there nothing it can’t do? The answer of course is no. And I only need to point to this kick-ass Skyrim Dragonborn helmet made almost entirely out of bacon to prove my point. Mighty tasty indeed, although I wouldn’t want to wear that in-game with fierce dragons, bears, and nasty what not all around; that would be like putting a meaty bulls-eye on your back.