Niantic Confirms Pokémon Go Battle League Is Coming Soon

Pokémon go battle league

If you are a fan of Pokémon Go, you would be pleased to learn that Niantic is finally bringing the Go Battle League that was promised last year. It allows players to fight other trainers across the world, based on their level. However, it may take some time before the feature actually arrives. 

Niantic has temporarily stopped the release in order to make sure that the launch is smooth and free from server issues. When it finally arrives sometime soon, you will be able to play against other trainers in the Go Battle League preseason events. 

What are the Go Battle League pre-season events all about?

There are three pre-season leagues, according to sources. These include the Master League, Ultra League, and the Great League. When people begin to play these leagues, Niantic will make enhancements and improvements depending on their behavior. Niantic will also decide the ideal season length based on these criteria. 

Here is what players need to do in order to be allowed to play the leagues

  • Each player needs to walk a distance of five kilometers and unlock five online matches
  • This can be done thrice a day, but that will take a lot of physical effort
  • The more one walks per day, the more trainers one can battle
  • Those who are lazy and are not willing to walk can pay their way into the Battle Now feature by using PokéCoins. 
  • The price depends on how far you are from your goal

Go Battle League promises many surprises and goodies

There are several surprises that come along with the leagues. For instance, users will encounter Pikachu Libre, when they play Go Battle League. Pikachu Libre is a Lucha libre-wearing Pikachu that looks quite surreal. Niantic will announce when the leagues will be finally thrown open to the public. For now, it only confirmed that the Go Battle League is definitely happening. Many fans had begun to assume that this was another of those hollow promises that game developers make. Thankfully, now we know that it is not a false promise. The Go Battle League is definitely coming.