Niantic’s AR Offerings Will Arrive on Pokémon Go

It’s been a while since we heard from the makers of Pokémon Go. The game has been a rage in recent years and fans have been eagerly awaiting the next offering for quite some time now. Thankfully, Niantic Labs will launch cutting-edge augmented reality-based feature for Pokémon Go in the next few months. One of Niantic’s AR offerings includes a new live multiplayer feature is titled Buddy Adventure and will be available as a mobile AR game very soon.

Niantic’s new announcements include

  • A modern augmented reality-based Buddy Adventure, which lets friends go on augmented reality trips together
  • Niantic’s Codename: Neon multiplayer AR technology helps different objects to interact with each other
  • Wayfarer program, which will help small businesses that wish to be featured in location-based AR games such as Pokémon Go.

3 announcements related to Niantic’s AR Offerings

Niantic’s Codename: Neon multiplayer AR technology was announced last year. Two different devices can interact with each other and create interactive AR objects that different players can view simultaneously. For instance, two players of Pokémon Go can view such AR objects in the same frame and interact with it using their iOS or Android devices.

All those Buddies Need to Play Together

Niantic’s Buddy Adventure is perfect for a pair of friends who want to go on Pokémon adventures together. For example, buddies will be able to feed Pikachu-like characters together. A pair of players and their buddy Pokémon can all co-exist together in the same frame and interact with one another. There couldn’t have been a more effective bonding tool between two friends.

What’s more, two buddies and their Pokémon can all stand together and take a phone. Such is the magic of augmented reality. It does not matter whether your friend is on an Android or an iOS device. They will still be able to hand with you and the Pokémon, and play a game that is deeply embedded in the AR scene.

Wayfarer program and AR occlusion technology

Niantic is also known for its Wayfarer program, which was earlier limited to only a few people. Now, the company has decided to open up the Wayfarer program in which players can suggest real-life locations for games to be played. This particularly helps small businesses that are looking for more footfall. However, it is the most well-known name such as Starbucks or 7-Elevent that will make use of this facility. These “Sponsored Locations” will be added to Niantic’s database and will be available on games that allow users to interact virtually and in real-life with actual businesses.

The AR Occlusion Technology

Last but not least, the company is known for its marvelous AR occlusion technology. This permits AR objects to communicate in an almost realistic manner with real-world objects. This technology is likely to be used by third-party game developers who wish to add a touch of augmented reality to their games. With this in mind, Niantic has also decided to fund AR startups and app makers. If you are into AR applications or run an AR-based business, do not forget to grab the attention of Niantic.

Indulge in Niantic’s AR offerings

As you can see, Niantic has made a number of announcements in recent weeks. The most significant of these pertain to the Buddy Adventure, in which two friends can embark upon a shared adventure, where they interact with magical creatures from Pokémon Go. However, all of Niantic’s offerings are not available in the market at the money. You will have to wait until these announcements actually materialize and are commercially developed for us to purchase or use. Until then, you can indulge in Niantic’s offerings that are currently available in the market. Or, take a look at Pokemon Sweaters or Pokemon Toys.