This Needs To Happen: Unofficial Nintendo LEGO Sets

Pretty much everyone wishes (we know we do) that their favorite things would become LEGO sets, but that want has never been so bad as when we first laid eyes upon these.

Lego F-Zero

As far as we know, Nintendo and LEGO have never formally collaborated on any LEGO sets, but we’d say that after seeing these projects that emerged at CUUSOO, we’d say that both companies need to at least have a serious conversation.


Lego Kid Icarus

Several projects appear throughout the CUUSOO site (yeah, not all of these are from the same creators) proving that there is a demand for this type of thing, collectible LEGO versions of some of our favorite video games of all time.

Lego Super Mario Bros

Lego Metroid

Lego Zelda

If you browse around the site, you will find many of these projects sitting there, awaiting your support to eventually become a reality, so let’s go on and prove both Nintendo and LEGO that there’s a real interest in these!

Lego Duckhunt

Source: Geekosystem

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