Super Mario Block Mosaic LEGO Mood Lamps Made by Baron von Brunk

Winter nights are dark and full of terrors, so you might want to assemble a Super Mario block mosaic LEGO lamp to shed some light in your room… or under your bed.

Baron von Brunk (whose nickname is most probably derived from Baron Karl Ludwig von Bruck, an Austrian statesman from the 19th century), the LEGO builder behind such masterpieces as the gargantuan NES controller, Plasmashock (a LEGO/NES/Transformers cross-over), and the LEGO N64 Transformers, has created a series of mosaic LEGO lamps bearing a Super Mario theme.

The Baron auto-characterizes himself as a “bespectacled geekdorknerd, artsy/crafty digital designer, tattooed LEGO maniac, reclusive rockabilly metalhead of mixed race with orange sideburns,” and that might sound really tough, but at heart, he’s just like the rest of us: a grown-up man with an inner child who cannot be put to silence, creating pieces of art based on the games that really wrote history a couple of decades ago.

Based on a project that Baron Julius von Brunk started back in 2012, these Super Mario mosaic LEGO lamps are definitely a nice touch in a room filled with geeky pieces of furniture. Making these mood lamps from scratch would have taken the Baron a lot of time, so he decided to rely on Lite-Brite dots for illuminating. This proved to be a much better solution than the transparent LEGO bricks he had used in previous designs, as the colors don’t mix anymore. Also, the Lite-Brite dots make the lamps look terrific both when the light is on and off.

Since the Baron has also posted a guide on how to build these mosaic LEGO lamps on Instructables, if you like them, all you need to do is download it and get to work.

The guide includes instructions on how to put together the LEGO Technic bricks and transparent LEGO plates, how to build a base, and what electrical components to choose so that the mood lamp doesn’t melt down. A normal incandescent bulb would definitely melt the plastic LEGO bricks, so instead a 9-Watt 580 lumen E12 Candelabra CFL bulb was used. Mind you, the instructions don’t include details on how to make the Super Mario artwork, which in Julius’ design includes mushrooms, flowers and power-up stars. More importantly, the Baron teaches us how to put together such great-looking mood lamps.

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