Nintendo Art with a Pinch of Salt

The ones who miss Nintendo characters such as Mario or Link can nourish their nostalgia with the works of Bashir Sultani, a Canada-based artist who draws in the salt.

Bashir Sultani is an artist originating from Afghanistan who immigrated to Russia, but eventually ended up in Canada, where he currently resides.

Making Link took him 70 minutes, which is impressive, considering the amount of labor that is put in such a work of art. Apart from iMovie and an iPhone 4, the tools employed for creating this are incredibly cheap and simple. Basically, the artist only relies on a shaker that is full with fine salt and a piece of paper that is used for shaping the character. Still, Bashir Sultani also mentions that patience plays a very important role when doing this. Considering that the tools are widely available, some may think that anyone can do that. My opinion is that not everybody is creative and Sultani certainly does not lack creativity.

The artist uses the white salt from one work of art to another, which means that he does not waste any of it. However, for drawing Mario he also brought some colored salt into play, probably in order to reproduce the character with a greater degree of realism. Colored salt cannot be reused once it is mixed. Besides the colored salt, the tools are exactly the same as in the previous video. Drawing Mario seems to have been a much easier task, since it only took him 40 to 50 minutes. Seeing the Nintendo characters being brought to life in this innovative way will surely be appreciated by many nostalgics.

With such a creative mind, possibilities are endless and his portfolio certainly proves this fact. If you want to see more of his works, check out the portfolio he posted on Behance, as well as his Youtube channel. You will notice that he does not only make drawings of Nintendo characters, but also of the Joker and  even of Kurt Cobain. Moreover, if you liked this post, please check the 8-Bit Nintendo Homage Sand Sculpture and the dotted Mona Lisa.