Nintendo Tetris Game Cartridge Cake is Great for any Occasion

Most kids who played Tetris in the 80s or even in the 90s would now be young adults, and many would be planning to get married and settle down. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you came across wedding cakes that were or are inspired by video games from the 80s and 90s.

gamer groom cake

Here is a cool Nintendo Tetris Game Cassette Cake that was created by elegantcakesaz. It has been realistically baked, and the gray icing must be really delicious! The Tetris blocks seem to have been made of colored sugar cubes. This Gamer Groom’s Cake would be the best gift that one could give to any geek who is getting married.

While it may have been decades since these grooms gave up playing Tetris and other classic games, but cakes such as this one would take them on a trip of nostalgia. You could also take a look at other cakes that we have featured like the Retro Tetris Cake. If you are in a mood for some fun, you could also take a look at the Jabba the Hutt Cake.