Okami Papercraft That Is Heavenly Made

Richard Wong fuses the spirit of the cult-hit Okami into two beautiful papercraft dolls.

Ammy and Chibi by richi89 image 1

Not many things in the real world can capture the full-motion, Japanese water brush beauty that was 2006’s Okami on the PlayStation 2 (or the HD-remaster of the game on the PlayStation 3 for that matter), but Richard Wong’s papercraft tributes might just come splendidly close.

Here are Richard’s own well-made creations of Amaterasu, the wolf-goddess heroine of the first Okami game, and Chibiterasu from Okamiden on the Nintendo DS, a wolf puppy with the same powers as Amaterasu and OMG SUCH A CUTE LIL’ PUPPY!!! EEEEEE!!!

okami amaterasu by richi89 image

Sitting together in the header picture, almost in a family portrait kind of way, both canine deities make an adorable pairing. And wonderfully made by Richard, too. Heck, I’m probably not qualified enough to explain the magic behind these intricately folded characters, but I’m guessing it had to be harder than making a paper airplane. And I can’t even make those right!

my pet chibiterasu by richi89 image

You can see more of Richard’s papercrafts via his deviantArt page. His stuff spans more than just videogames too, he’s done a Batman papercraft that looks absolutely fantastic looking – it almost looks alive. It’s totally cray, so check it out.

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