WTF Of The Day: Dude Pays For Ticket With Origami Bills

At times, we’ve felt that a ticket we got was unfair, or just play wrong, but how many times did you actually try to get revenge for it? Well, this guy did, although you’ll be the judge of his success or lack thereof.

A guy who goes by the name of good decided he wouldn’t take it: a camera at an intersection “caught” him while he was running a red light, and so, got a ticket. He thought the evidence was clearly rigged, so he started plotting his revenge, for, as he claims, “town where the cops (and absurd red-light cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that’s it.” This revenge, though, it’s the best revenge ever: he folded all of the bills that made up the sum into little cute origami piggies.

Fight the power!

We also like the classy touch of putting the origami into Dunkin’ Donuts boxes. Really subtle, pal. See the cops reaction when they get paid in the video below (Spoiler: one of the cops is actually really nice about it):

Source: Obvious Winner

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