Pac-Man: Most Wanted Video By Kooberz Studios

This splendid muscle car take on Pac-Man is indeed a “most wanted” video.  To see that is.

Pac Man Most Wanted Screen Cap

Pac-Man’s cheery pellet-eating hijinks might be fine and dandy for the kids, like that 3D CGI animated cartoon in the works, but how about something a little more high-octane with roaring engines and the burning of fossil fuels that makes the caveman parts in our adult brains go OGA OGA OGA! and what not?

Well, Kooberz Studios – headed by stellar professional animator and Lego enthusiast Alex Kobbs – has thankfully served up exactly just that with one of his latest video projects, Pac-Man: Most Wanted, a relatively short YouTube vid that thematically blends both arcade classic and popular modern-day racer into one.

Alex’s awesome stop-motion skills, which have no doubt been built up from his many previous and impressive Lego-fied works, are on fire here, as usual, and I must say, nice choice in choosing a muscle-car legend, the Dodge Challenger, as the Pac-Man starring role; that is one lovely looking ride.

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