November 18 Release Date For Nintendo Wii U?

The newest word on the street is that late November will see the release of Nintendo’s next gaming machine.

Nintendo Wii U Image

November already has enough attention warranted its way, what with Thanksgiving in there and the consumer-insanity that is Black Friday occurring at the stroke of midnight, but if this piece of information is to be believed, the autumn month might be getting more stuffed than the turkey on the table.

According to *whispers* “industry sources” present at a GameStop manger conference taking place as we speak, videogame accessory merchant, Performance Designed Products, PDP as the kids say, revealed that November 18 would be the greatly anticipated launch date for the Nintendo Wii U.

Not intentionally I should point out (in fact PDP is currently denying that it leaked the release date in the first place), but rather that was the specific date given regarding when PDP’s own line of Wii U related accessories would go on sale at the videogame retail chain. A day, smart gumshoes, that upon closer inspection is suspiciously on a Sunday.

ZombiU Wii U E3 2012 Image

Hmm… and who likes rolling out their hardware on a Sunday, like they’ve previously done for the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL? Why yes, none other than Nintendo. Here’s a sweet piece of brain food though, November 18 is one day before the original release of the Nintendo Wii, which was offered up for retail on November 19, 2006.

Fancy that little factoid, huh? But, now, whether Nintendo’s next dual-displaying console will hit that $249.99 USD price mark as it did with the “U-less” Wii is a question still left unknown. Many interesting theories, of course, ($299? $349? One dollar, Bob?!) yet no firm answers.

Nintendo of America plans on having a Nintendo Wii U-focused event in New York City on September 12 – oh-so conveniently timed when a certain fruit-logoed company is rumored to unveil its latest phone I should mention – where we shall see if today’s November 18 release date is on the nose. Credit goes to Go Nintendo for being on top of this story first.

We here on Walyou will be on the scene (via the Internet) to make sure you’ll get the full scoop on when Nintendo reveals all. Meanwhile, get the full scoop on some posh Pokedresses and a modern arcade machine with loads of mad style.