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Half a Lemon!

A lemon is a product that is "sour", malfunctions, and simply does not work as it is supposed to. With that, half a lemon...


Our cell phones have so many features, but are they all really necessary?

Unlock your car with your cell phone!

We have heard of a nice trick to unlock your car using your cellphone. If you lock your keys in the car, whoever has...

Self-Powering Gadgets

Soon we might use screens that produce their own energy, according to the New Scientist those will double the capacity of our cellphone batteries.

Hello World, The Walyou Blog is Open!

We are working on the website and will update you on the progress. This blog will be used for information we would like to...

Test Your Remote’s Batteries

Sometimes our Television does not respond to the remote. In some cases, we have seen our friends get up off the couch to try...

Do Electronics’ User Manuals Help or Complicate?

User manuals are given at the purchase of a new item. I look at this as if the responsibility has been diverted and is...

Treadmill Malfunction

Sometimes our products don’t work like we expect. In the following funny commercial you see how an everyday product can give you a hard...

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