How To Peel A Potato In 10 Seconds

Us geeks suck in the kitchen, right? Well, not anymore. Let’s fight the stereotype bringing, literally, something to the table. Potatoes!

If you feel like you need to save precious seconds of your life you could use in something like playing videogames, or rewatching that really cool scene from Game of Thrones, this how-to is for you.


Check the video below to see how to speed-peel a potato, and be ready to impress everyone afterwards thanks to this cool tutorial, as seen in BitRebels.

We’ve written plenty about potatoes before (see Steampunk Mr. Potato Head and PoTaDos: GlaDOS Meet Potato), but this is the first time we actually feel like we’ve contributed to mankind and made your life better thanks to such a cool tutorial. We don’t know about you, but now we feel like better people.