Save Us, Dear Reader: Personalised Superhero Action Figures

We’re past the time of heroes, and now we only respond to cults of personalities. Mix past and present turning yourself into one of the greatest heroes on Earth. Now it’s your turn to become Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Batgirl. Hell, you could even become the Joker if destruction and evil-scheming are more your thing than being a boy-scout.


If it sounds good, head over to Firebox, for they are the masterminds behind this project. Using 3d printing technology, you can get your head (well, a copy of it) implanted on top of any of the 5 heroes buff shoulders. You’re way better at the job than they are, anyways.


This would truly make a cool gift for a geeky boyfriend or girlfriend… or anyone with a heart. Let’s face it. Superheroes are awesome, period. Check some of our other posts, too: 19 Yummy Comic Superhero and Villain Cakes and Minimalist Posters of Marvel Superheroes.