Pokemon Trading Card Marriage Proposal Is Super Effective

Nothing says “forever yours” like a marriage proposal in the shape of a Pokémon trading card by one cool boyfriend to his bride to be.

Pokemon Card Marriage Proposal Image

In no way am I a trustworthy authority on the subject of Pokémon trading cards. Heck, up till this point, I didn’t even know kids still played with trading cards in this fancy-pants age of smart phones… Learn something new everyday, huh? With that all said, I think I might have found the rarest, if not priciest, of Pokémon cards ever created, a 150HP Diamond card.

Alright, you got me. It’s not a real Pokémon card, per say; the fact that the words “fake card” is timidly printed at the bottom is an automatic giveaway. No, in reality, it’s one boyfriend’s vastly creative marriage purpose to his girlfriend, by mocking up a unique Pokémon card with a diamond ring attached and the proper “Will You Marry Me” question written in the card detail’s box.

The sweetest thing about this Pokémon card though, has to be that last line. “If the answer is yes, game is over and you win a husband. Forever.” Oh man, here come the waterworks… *Sniff, sniff* Dang it… I’m just no good at weddings.

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