This Pikachu Cake Wants to Be the Very Best

Since Pokemon’s US release in 1998, its continued its reign as a popular game series and cartoon. This lovingly-made Pikachu cake is just one way to honor the long-running phenomenon. Kids love the series for the same reasons we loved it when we were their age, and many of us still love it because it’s what we grew up with. New games continue to be released and I know many other 20-somethings who still pick them up to experience the game all over again.

This amazing Pikachu cake by Debbie Goard honors what is, hands down, the most popular Pokemon in the series. The ‘electric mouse’ is captured in all his adorable, perky glory, sitting up with arms spread and a happy expression on his face. There are even lightning bolts, presumably also made of fondant, emanating from Pikachu for that extra effect. The fondant used to make Pikachu himself also serves to give him a smooth and soft look, making him not only look toy-like but also very similar to the animated version of Pikachu from the cartoon.

Pikachu Cake

One commenter on the Flickr page says that the cake makes them want to cuddle Pikachu, which I can’t entirely argue with. However, the morbid truth is that this is a cake and, well, cakes are meant to be eaten. I’m not sure if the cake was only used as an art project for display, but if you’ve ever wanted to know what a Pikachu tastes like, I’d wager sweet and fluffy. I can only imagine a kid’s reaction to seeing mom slice up this adorable Pikachu to serve to him and his friends. For some more awesome cakes that are probably best left unsliced for the sake of everybody’s sanity, check out this Yoda Cake with Lightsaber, Han Solo Carbonite Cake, and this awesome Mr. Potato Head Cake.