What Pinterest Would Look Like in the 1990s

Lately there have been a lot of videos and images that imagine what popular social networking sites would have looked like, had they been released in the 1980s or 1990s.

The latest social networking site to get this treatment is Pinterest, by the good folks at Startup Grind. The short video consists of a hypothetical situation in which a gruffly male voice presents Pinterest ‘commercially’. The man speaks just the way they used to in teleshopping channels, over-dramatizing a product and making them seem almost ludicrous.

It was common for those of us who grew up during the 1990s to watch teleshopping programs that spoke about a single product for a really long time. Likewise, the ‘If Pinterest Had Been Invented in the 90s’ video speaks of Pinterest in a humorous way that totally brings back the culture of 90s TV shopping and CD-purchasing to 2012.

The highlight of the video is when they show a demure lady looking all thoughtful, and the voice says that Pinterest can make you seem wise. Moreover, the video also plays on the fact that Pinterest is mostly used by women. You could also take a look at LinkedIn from the 1980s, which we had featured sometime ago.