Pixel Art Minimalistic NES Posters

What makes minimalistic art so amazing is that we don’t need a lot of items/icons in order to get the message, or in this case, recognize the game.

It’s pretty amazing if you think about it, that all we need in order to figure out which game it is, is just some signature colors or shapes, and then the brain does the connection itself.

For Zelda, all we need is some green and brown to understand that Link is hiding there, on Tetris we just need some colorful shapes and the rest is pretty much obvious , Pacman is one of the most easy to guess games I think since all you need is a yellow semi round fellow and immediately we all think of Pacman, and for Donkey Kong you don’t even need any colors; just the iconic ladders and steps will do the trick. So lets take a trip down memory lane with these old school pixel art minimalistic NES posters.

Legend of Zelda


 Pac Man

Donkey Kong

For more minilistioc pixel art NES games visit the artist’s  flickr. If you love these posters you might also like 14 Philosophical Concepts as Minimalistic Art and Retro Ad Superheroes.