PlayStation 3 Super Slim Teardown By iFixit

Another insightful iFixit teardown locks its sights on the newly announced slimmer PlayStation 3.

PS3 super slim iFixit teardown image 1

With a third redesign of the PlayStation 3 now in tow, gadget gurus iFixit have done, well, what they tend do to every latest piece of hardware that crosses their path. Dissection. Oh, yeah!

Like a dead frog in a high school science lab, iFixit has stripped the super slim PS3 down to its bare electronic bones. What’s the first thing they found? For one, this iteration – which arrives at North America retailers in an “Uncharted 3” centric bundle on  September 25 – is quite easy to take apart aside from a touchy power supply.

PS3 super slim iFixit teardown image 2

The next thing the iFixit guys found exceptionally cool about this latest PS3 redesign is how accessible the hard drive is. Past PlayStation 3 revisions involved popping off a tiny piece of plastic in the lower front of the machine, which honestly was kind to clumsy to remove, but that’s all changed now to the right side of the console with a modest pry. It’s actually pretty neat.

Not making the positives list? Sony’s ditching of an automatic disk-loading drive to a manual one. Think the PlayStation 2 variety (no more using the PS3 as a coaster everyone). And upon closer inspection, iFixit found the door used to insert Blu-rays and such into the PS3 on the cheapy side. All in the name of getting down production costs, but at what cost to its customers to fix if ever it breaks?

PS3 super slim iFixit teardown image 3

Go right ahead and take a look at the rest tear down at iFixit; they’ve got boat loads of pictures of the process along with fully-detailed descriptions, too. It’s also where they graded the repair-ability of the slimmer PS3 a solid seven. Ah-ha! Solid just like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D art, an upcoming documentary about arcades, or the gallery of other geeky interests on show here at Walyou.