Five Playstation 4 Rumors We Wish Would Come True

If 2011 was the year of the tablet , then 2012 should be the year of the PlayStation 4. While the jury is still out on its actual release date, the optimist in us cannot help but pray, that the excruciating waiting game for Sony’s next generation gaming console comes to an end soon. The doomsayers may disagree and proclaim that the chances of the Mayan apocalypse  happening is more of a likely event than the release of the PS4 in 2012, but we beg to differ.

Even if the PlayStation 4 doesn’t grace us with its holy presence in the coming months, we can still fantasize  about it and speculate on the specs. It is no secret that the Internet is rife with PS4 stories and the rumor mills are in an hyperactive mode churning one report after another. But not all of these rumors are worth sinking your teeth into, hence we have listed below the ones that get us most excited and make us pray to the gods to make them a  sweet, sweet reality.

Motion-Control Gaming

Microsoft may have pioneered it with the Kinect and Nintendo may have made it cooler with the Wii, but Sony may just take the technology one step further. Industry pundits are confident that the PS4 will feature body movement controls, especially since the Sony PlayStation Move controller has met with resounding success and incorporating  it in the console is the next logical step. Critics may be first to point out that motion control gaming is not revolutionary any more, however with Sony in the fray, one can expect more technological advancements.

PS4 Goes The 3D Way

When it comes to 3D technology, the Think Tank at Sony have been quite fervent in their pursuit. We have already seen them churning out 3D LED monitors for the PS3, so wishing for a fully-functional 3D Gaming Console won’t be too unreasonable on our part. If the Sony PS4 goes the 3D way, it will be a complete game-changer, as integrating 3D with movable controllers will truly be groundbreaking and pioneering.

Sony And Google Becoming BFFs

Imagine a world where Sony’s killer hardware works harmoniously with Google’s intuitive software. Yes, the world (at least the virtual kind) will be a much better place to live in and this partnership can take  gaming to a while new level. It is no secret that Google and Sony have had good relations in the past, thus them working together on PS4 opens a lot of possibilities. Some of them being;  the Android OS running on the PS4, the Google Chrome being as the internet browser on the console and renting and streaming HD movies via Blockbuster on the PS4.

Backwards Compatibility

Sometimes the gamer just hearts the simpler things in life and for most Sony loyalists, backward compatibility with the PS3 is indispensable and not an unreasonable demand. After the backlash Sony met with making PS3 incompatible with older models, lets hope the electronic giants learnt their lesson and the PS4 doesn’t suffer from the same fate. Thankfully the chances of the PS4 using software emulation is unlikely since it is rumored to have a similar albeit more refined architecture to the PS3.

Spectacular Specs

When it comes to the actual specs of the most awaited gaming console, everyone has an opinion. While no one expects earth-shattering specs, we do hope Sony makes a lean mean video gaming machine. RAM should be from anywhere to 4GB to 8GB, the HDD should be at least 1TB (@ 7200 RPM), for that extra juice nothing less than a Dual Cell Processor will do and  we do dream off a Quad Layer Blu Ray Drive running 100GB BR Discs along with WiMax/LTE & Wireless a/b/g/n w for that extra punch. The PS4 is also rumored to be equipped with at least 4 USB ports and HDMI 1.4a along with Bluetooth connectivity.

The world eagerly awaits for the PlayStation 4 , but unfortunately there is still time for it debut. However, this dream list should tide us for a few months and do let us know what you are hoping to see on the PS4, as who knows maybe Sony’s R&D labs will come through.