PlayStation Plus Comes To PS Vita In November

Truly a “plus” for PS Vita owners everywhere, as PlayStation Plus comes to the Sony handheld.

PlayStation Plus Vita image

Hey there, PlayStation Vita owners! Uh, well, the few of you out there reading this. Sony’s premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, is finally extending its gaming bang-for-your-buck powers over your way starting in November, as was promised back at Sony’s media event at Gamescom.

The good news isn’t just for PS Vita owners though, because for PS Plus members already enrolled through their PlayStation 3, for no extra cost (which is best kind of extra cost), they too will be granted access to the awesome bonuses new PS Vita subscribers will have privy to as well, stuff like:

  • An instant game collection (which is absurdly quite a lot)
  • Discounts on games & downloadable content (DLC)
  • Cloud storage of up to 1GB for game saves & downloaded content
  • Automatic updates and automatic trophy syncs

All of these gracious goods for the subscription price of $17.99, for every three months, or $49.99 for a whole year. A great sounding proposition – I must say – especially now that both the PS3 and PS Vita are under that savings umbrella.

Will it make any difference regarding the PS Vita’s dismal sales? My magic eight-ball says, doubtful. Good dedicated software (and a hardware price cut, really) is what move systems – which, certainly, the handheld has and will receive so long as Sony commits to the platform earnestly  – but it’s still a great incentive to have. Don’t get me wrong.

And if you have either a PlayStation 3 or Vita in your possession, it’s something I would totally recommend getting if it’s within your budget. Geeze, just the automatic download feature is worth the price alone; what a time saver that lil’ beauty is, I tell ya what.

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