PlayStation Vita Gets Price Cut, Now $199

New life (hopefully) swells into Sony’s handheld thanks to a newly announced price cut.

PlayStation Vita price cut image

Gamescom 2013 might be the much needed lifesaver for the PlayStation Vita, Or… it might not. For over a year that the portable has been on the scene, it hasn’t come anywhere close to matching their leading competitors, basically the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s actually not even a race by this point, but Sony is still forging ahead like the little engine that could. Trying their best in light of a highly-competitive mobile marketplace and pretty much non-support from major publishers that are too risk averse at the moment.

From what was presented at their Tuesday morning media event, it seems the company is set on two plans of attack: lots of awesome Indie Games (albeit not mutually exclusive, but games a-plenty either way), and the biggest bombshell, an official price drop to $199 USD.

PlayStation Vita System Image

That initiative starts tomorrow at retailers in North America and Europe (Asia already had its $50 price drop earlier this year), where even the Vita’s absurdly-priced memory cards will be taking a slight cost cut. Although, I’ve heard that it’s not by huge margin sadly – oh well, can’t win them all I guess!

Will this two prong tactic above help move more Vitas? Maybe, maybe not. Right now Sony is paving its own unique way – one supplemented with a heavy helping of indies as showcased at this week’s Gamescom – in regards to turning around their fledgling handheld.

Stay tuned for more Gamescom news coming all this week, like the list of launch day games for the Xbox One or a cute Star Wars cross stitch pattern for crafty geeks.