Pokémon 3D Fan Game By Nils Drescher

Now you can catch all of those adorable mini-monsters in 3D thanks to a cool indie game based on Pokémon Gold and Silver.

pokemon 3d first person fan game by nilllzz

For a property so relevant, Pokémon sure does look two “next gens” behind. Would it kill Nintendo or series developer Game Freak to at least get some 3D polygons up all in this hizz-ouse? It’s the year 2012; we’ve got portable machines that can almost produce modern console graphics for Pete’s sake!

I guess it has to take a bold freelancer – a single person to throw caution into the wind – to do what Ninten-flippin’-don’t. Such is the case with Nils Drescher, a.k.a. Internet hacker-alias Nilllzz, and his 3D  recreation of Pokemon Gold/Silver, the second color-identified installment of the monster-collecting role-playing game on the Game Boy Color.

Like Pokemon’s long after it and to this day, Gold and Silver would be the first to up heave its cast of 151 cute and sometimes not so cuddly creatures and introduce a new batch to collect once more. That’s exactly the same drill in Nilllzz’s indie creation, Pokémon 3D, but in a blocky third-dimension that has a bit of a Minecraft feel.

If you were thinking you would get the slick aesthetic-representation of those Pokémon Coliseum games or even the recent Pokédex app on the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll have to look elsewhere, sadly. Pokemon 3D only props up the game’s 2D sprites like a pop-up book. Hint, hint: kind of like Minecraft does.

That blend of 3D and 2D sure does give the game a good share of whimsy. And while it might not be close to what a Pokémon using all of today’s resources might be, it’s at least better than what Nintendo has been pushing on its fans for more than a decade. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get that Skyrim-esque Pokémon game. Believe!

Head over to Nilllzz’s blog to read more about the current build of Pokémon 3D and how to play it yourself. It’s a PC only game though, so sorry Apple enthusiasts. Aww,  but don’t be too glum, Walyou is compatible with both PC and Mac! Enabling everyone with just an Internet browser to see Dark Knight Rises USB drives and awesome designs of Street Fighter II characters.