Ramones LEGO Punk Rock Legends

What happens when you mix the Ramones with LEGO? Well, for starters you get some really miniature punk rock legends.

lego ramones album cover

The Ramones were the epitome of cool back in the late 1970s, early 80s, and their torn-jeans, shaggy hair, “I don’t care” expressions are still signature elements of style today. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone decided to recreate the iconic band and their edgy lifestyle with LEGO blocks.

Our source, an evil mad scientist of LEGO, designed each of these sets using only official LEGO pieces. That’s right, he managed to do all this without using any custom-made or specifically tailored pieces to recreate the punk rockers of the past.

lego ramones in concert

The attention to detail in these photos is really awesome. The four band members hanging out by a brick wall, looking bored, faithfully recreates their most famous album’s artwork. I like how, because it’s LEGO, the bricks in the background are actually massive compared to the band members.

lego ramones punk rock concert

The concert footage is no less impressive than the band photo. Here we’ve got the four of them on stage, rocking it out to a crowd of mad teenager loners and rejects. I really dig the pink mohawks in the audience; no punk show would be complete without a few of those.

lego ramones trashed concert stage

We’ve also got the aftermath of the rock show. The stage is left trashed after the concert. The mic stands, guitars, and everything else looks like they really went to town. There’s even a few funny touches like money left hanging out on the floor and what appear to be more than a few LEGO firearms scattered about.

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