Portal 2 Lego Set Could Become Reality

GLaDOS, Chell, and Wheatley in Lego form? Yup, it all might become true. Find out why after the jump.

Portal 2 Lego Set Image 1

A game like Portal 2 seems like a perfect match made in gamer’ heaven for a Lego set. The 2011 Valve game already feels like a videogame parallel to the board game Mouse Trap, especially so with the post-game DLC map editor that I’m almost sure was a hot bed of user-submitted creativity. I don’t just have my opinion to back up my claim, either; the people have spoken.

On Lego’s official crowd-sourcing platform CUUSOO, which allows for purposed Lego sets to be voted for the chance to be made (the same semi-democratic process that gave us the Minecraft Lego set by the way), the 10,000 vote goal for a Portal-themed Lego set passed with flying colors. Now, the idea is being sent to the Lego powers-that-be for review and to determine its fate.

Portal 2 Lego Set Image 2

Fingers-crossed that the “Lego Jury” – which sounds both seriously straight-laced and cuter than a button – deems the set for production, because it looks incredibly sweet. One of the prototyped Portal Lego sets include a GLaDOS Chamber with a 12-inch hanging GLaDOS, a battle platform, portal gun, and three minifigures: Chell, Wheatley, and a potato that I’m sure fans of the game will remember quite well.

The Portal Lego proposal also has other hypothetical sets: a Modular Testing Chamber with all sorts of turrets, cubes, and more, or a Portal Puzzle Board Game that allows users to build chambers to test the wits of their friends playing along. Amazing, no? Yeah. Brickthing, the group comprised of four Lego enthusiasts who assembled the project, sure did put a lot thought into this.

Portal 2 Lego Set Image 3

We won’t get to know for several months after today whether this Portal 2 Lego set will get approved, but here’s hoping it does. In the meantime, why don’t you enjoy yourself a pick of geeky stories hosted here on Walyou. For example, how about you check out an actual Sushi Bazooka or learn about the Kickstarter-funded OUYA video game console.