Portal Themed Kids Bedroom Makes You Jealous

Video games are either based on a fun plot or on an aggressive plot that features a lot of blood and gore. To use dark humor in game plots is rare and one such game that makes use of wry and dark humor is Portal.

Portal has almost succeeded in achieving a cult status among its fans, and there have been several modders and designers as with any other popular game who have gone ahead to create products, concepts and mods based on this single player first person puzzle platform sci-fi game.

Vector is a kid whose penchant for Portal earned him an entire bedroom that’s themed around Portal. The custom bedroom includes Companion Cubes and even a bathroom that is inspired by the game. The Aperture-branded toilet must have cost a lot but it just completes the customization of the child’s bedroom. If you watch the video, you will notice that the infamous GLaDOS also watches over Vector’s bedroom and is eerie in a manner. Nevertheless, the kid seems to be really happy in the video, and I am sure he would be more than happy to show his bedroom to his friends when he grows up a bit.

Vector Farr can be seen having delirious fun while hitting those huge red carpet buttons and it certainly would make viewers of the video to crave for a room similar to this kid’s. Only, it is not clear to me who designed the room, and if it actually were his father, he must be one of the coolest fathers around. If you were considering other ways to decorate your room, you could choose from one of the Comic Book Coffee Tables, which look rather spiffy. You could also take a look at the geeky 17 Furniture Pieces which transform your interiors, literally.