The Ultimate Geek Guide to Christmas

Ho, ho, ho … Merry Christmas! With only 4 more days to go, we thought it’d be fun to look back at some of our most popular posts we’ve done for Christmas’ pasts. In honor of  the Twelve Days of Christmas, this ultimate geek guide features 12 sets of highly cool articles, from 160 Geeky Xmas Ornaments, to geeky and creative Christmas trees to geeky gifts you can buy for your loved ones. Here is the full guide … and to all a Merry Christmas!

1. Xmas Ornaments for a Geeky Christmas

Let’s kick off with one of our most popular posts, featuring a huge collection (160! OMG) of geeky Christmas ornaments, including homemade ornamentsvideo game ornamentscomic book ornaments  and more. Check out the full post: Top 160 Xmas Ornaments for a Geeky Christmas.

 2. Christmas Trees

In this collection you can find a total of 100 awesome trees … a collection of weird, funny, creative, geeky and more! We just love when people are being creative and creating awesome things. Here are the 4 posts:

3. Christmas Sweaters

It’s not the holidays if you’re without you’re ugly Christmas sweater! Here are 13 Painfully Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

 4. Christmas Apps

Get your smartphone or tablet into the holiday spirit with these 19 Android, iPhone and iPad Apps for Christmas.

5. Gifts Ideas For Geeks

In this section, we have 5 awesome posts that will inspire you with gift ideas for your loved ones. You can find gift ideas for the special person in your life or the geek within.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas Gadgets and Designs

In this post we assembled a list of some cool Nightmare Before Christmas gadgets, designs and various releases that were released to the public and offer us another way to profess our love for this amazing flick. So check it out  the Nightmare Before Christmas gadgets and designs.

7. Christmas Wallpapers

Get your laptop into the holiday spirit with these amazing Christmas wallpapers. Here are 23 Christmas Wallpapers for the Holiday Season.

8. Talking Christmas Tree

If you’re celebrating Christmas and don’t have a tree yet, but you’re geeky arts-and-craft kind of person, then you’ll love this Arduino-based animatronic talking tree. Check it out: DIY Talking Christmas Tree.

9.  Crazy Light Displays

Some people take the “holiday spirit” a bit too far; they probably haven’t heard the saying, ” less is more.” Here are 15 houses, whose owners took the Deck the Halls a bit too literally. Check out 15 Crazy Christmas Light Displays.

10. DIY:  Bacon Christmas Ornament

We love bacon and what a better way to show it than to hang a strip on your Christmas tree. To get your own, check out the  How to Make Your Own Bacon Christmas Ornament guide.

11. Pac-Man Christmas Decoration

Straight from Italy, this Pac-Man Christmas decoration is both geeky and cool. Check out the full details here.

12. The Dolls Before Christmas

Painting matryoshka dolls to resemble characters from a movie or video game is a simple and fun way to express your affinity toward a particular fandom. Check our five nesting dolls representing the characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” here.

Happy Holidays from the Walyou Team!