The Power Mitt from Fangamer

It’s a cool piece of gamer swag from Fangamer that’s based on one of the most famed gaming accessories ever created.

The Power Mitt by Fangamer image 1

Even as a fan of the movie The Wizard, I can’t deny how much of it’s one giant commercial for almost every Nintendo product under the sun. It’s where we saw the North American debut of Super Mario Bros. 3 and witnessed the magic of the Power Glove, too.

Movie magic I should clarify, because in real practice the Power Glover – wielded famously by the film’s smug, asshat antagonist Lucas Barton to a lap of Rad Racer – was a horrible videogame controller; perhaps one of the worst created in the history of the medium.

Although, maybe the Power Glove’s true forte was better suited not as a gaming accessory, but in the kitchen as online shop Fangamer shows us with their latest gaming-inspired good, the Power Mitt.

The Power Mitt by Fangamer image 2

This cute custom-printed oven mitt is designed by graphic artist Jon Kay, and obviously is made to look like a real Power Glove, except the only things you’ll be able to move with it – and thank goodness for that – are hot delicious brownies straight from the oven.

$15.00 USD is the price of the Power Mitt (right-handed only for now), so hurry up and order yours today that way you can make all the “It’s so bad” jokes to your hearts content. Come now, you know you want to.

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