Newest Play Arts Kai Figures: Street Fighter IV’s Ken & Sakura

Two more World Warriors get the Play Arts Kai treatment with their own stellar action figures.

Play Arts Kai Street Fighter IV Ken & Sakura image

It’s videogame action figure time, and today we turn to two new awesome figures in the Play Arts Kai line from Square Enix (yup, they make action figures too) that should arrive in Japanese hobby shops late August, rival to Ryu, Ken Masters, and fan-girl Sakura from Street Fighter IV.

The Play Arts Kai line has always been well regarded for their articulation and customization, and likewise both Ken and Sakura can be posed in multiple ways, and with their own set of exchange body parts emulate their trademark special moves.

Play Arts Kai Ken image



Ken comes with a fist accessory that allows him to perform his fiery dragon punch and Sakura can switch her own fists to open palms to execute her weak-sauce of a Hadouken… she really should get some fireball pointers from Ryu.

Play Arts Kai Street Sakura image

For the Street Fighter enthusiast both figures are great additions to a collection, albeit at ¥7,200 ($75 USD) a pop. You are paying for high quality sculpturing and keen detail though, so there shouldn’t be any concerns about not getting a proper bang for your buck.

Those interested enough can pre-order either figure through Japanese import shop Hobby Search (link for Ken/link for Sakura), and for the rest, keep it here on Walyou for the latest gaming news about Batman: Arkham Origins and a smartphone that lets you be a DJ.