Project Gaems G155: Gaming on the Go

If you are the type of gamer that cannot leave his console behind while traveling, Project Gaems G115 is the perfect product for you, as it allows you to safely transport and even use your gaming box while on the move.

Inside the box that Project Gaems G155 comes in there is a lot of soft foam that will protect the product from damage. After getting this gaming case out of the box, you will notice that it features a hard plastic body that is meant to absorb shocks really well. The two latches from the sides need to be open in order to reveal the self-contained mobile gaming environment, as the manufacturer likes to call it.

Once the case is opened, the 15.5″ LED monitor which is capable of displaying games, movies and other video content, is exposed.  The controls for volume and brightness are located below the screen, along with the power and menu buttons. In the lower corners of the display there are two speakers, but if you are not satisfied with these, you can use two headphones. The ports for these are also on the lower side of the screen. The display is connected to the console through the 7″ HDMI cable that is included in the package. When using Project Gaems G155, you have to make sure that there are two power outlets available in the area: one for the console power source, and one for the display. Since the display features HDMI connectivity, you can use it with more than just gaming consoles. However, if you will use this display in tandem with a media player, for example, you will notice that there is no longer a secure fit for the new device.

On the bottom of the case there are two Velcro straps that will secure your console into place. A pad that suits the lower part of the console is also provided. Here comes the best part about this product: it can be used both with PS3 and XBox 360 consoles. One side of the pad is made for PS3 Slim and XBox 360S, while the other side will securely host your full size XBox 360. On both sides of the console there is a mesh pouch where you can store the gamepads, along with the cables, power sources and any other accessories you may need for gaming. The mesh pouches are also attached via Velcro to the case, so you do not need to worry about them moving around during transport.

Project Gaems G155 is available for sale on Amazon for $269. The case is said to be TSA compliant, so you can take it with you on the plane, provided that you did not hide any forbidden objects in it.

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