PS3 + XBox = The Ultimate Gaming Console in a PC

If you are a hardcore gamer you would definitely be a proud owner of a couple of gaming consoles with the PS3 and an XBox surely being part of the collection. At the same time you must be aware that storing all gaming consoles does take up a good lot of space with a large number of wires running all over the place. Must be looking pretty untidy but you would not even dream of parting with any. Reddit reader timofiend has a solution for you. It is something he did to his PS3 and XBox that gave him the pleasure of storing both in one place. To top it all he can even play both simultaneously. Want to know what he did? Just go on reading and you will get the answer.

Two of the most popular gaming consoles come in the form of PS3 and XBox and recently the internet has been witness to a combined version of the two. There is nothing like Sony and Microsoft pairing up to release a combination of the two. In fact it is gaming fan timofiend who has come up with a ‘joint venture’ of the two. He has managed to pack the two consoles in one box creating the ultimate gaming console.

One PC case serves as home to the two slim gaming consoles and with both in one place you will never have the chance of missing either of them. If you plan to go on a trip with your consoles you can easily pick one case in stead of two. You need not even choose as to which one to carry and which one to leave behind. With both in one place you will be having a blast of a time.

Using both at the same time might raise some concerns but since this gaming console mod has temperature monitoring gauges it should not be a problem.

Throughout the making of this combined gaming console timofiend made it a point to jot down every small development and also took photographs of the process. Then he might have wanted to maintain a log as to the steps he had taken to achieve his goal but now he is ready to share his work with others. The console is not for sale but he intends to upload his entire detailed project on the internet to help other gaming fans achieve the same if desired.

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