PS4 breaks new milestone with 20 million units sold

The PlayStation 4 is continuing its accelerated sales pace, and now sits above 20 million units with competitors lagging behind.

PlayStation 4

The latest of the Sony consoles, the PS4 keeps its steady yet incredible selling pace and has broken a new milestone after selling over 20 million units, as of March 1 – some 2 millions since the last report in January. Concretely, the PS4 has sold 20.2 millions, and the place does not seem to be slowing down. The announcement came amidst the Game Developers Conference, where Sony showed some of the virtual reality add-ons the console will receive this year.

The PS4 launched two years after Nintendo’s Wii U, and already sold twice as much, with the Xbox One being its closest competitor with some 10 millions since the last report, that don’t count the holiday sales. It seems that Sony’s bet of focusing on the PS4 is paying off by the end and its four pilars (gaming, pictures, music and devices) all see healthy and doing well.


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