PS4 Release Date, New Games, More Announced at Gamescom

Sony’s presser at the European video game conference, Gamescom, took place yesterday and we’ve got brand new info here on the three biggest PS4 announcements.

PS4 image

One of the biggest announcements in gaming in the past few years, Sony’s announcement that the their next generation PlayStation console, the PS4, is on the way, has renewed consumer’s interest in gaming. High quality gaming that runs on hardware that rivals PC architecture (as well as the specs of rival console, the Xbox One) and software that will offer gaming experiences unlike anything we’ve ever seen before are both promised by the PS4 here. Too, the PS4 comes at an affordable price point of $399, €399 or £349 (depending on your territory) meaning that the question on everyone’s lips is ‘what’s the PS4 release date?’ And now, thanks to an announcement by Sony at Gamescom, we have that information and more below.

First things first, the PS4 release date is November 15th in North America (USA and Canada) and November 29th in Europe. The PS4 will launch in over 32 countries this holiday season so if you don’t think your country is covered with those release dates, expect more announcements from Sony soon. As for those wondering why there’s such a large gap between the North American and European release date, this has likely been done to keep up with customer demand. Over 1 million PS4 pre-orders have been logged and these release dates allow Sony to ship the PS4 to America in time for the Thanksgiving (November 29th) rush, whilst also allowing fans in Europe to get their consoles before Christmas, making sure that just about anyone who wants the console will be able to get it.

Also announced, were plenty of new PS4 games. While there are too many to discuss here, some gems include N++, Warframe and ResoGun, the latter from Super Stardust HD developer, Housemarque, and these are PlayStation exclusives, arriving either exclusively to PS4 or to PS4, PS Vita (and some to PS3 too). There are several more games too as Sony used the presser to establish that PlayStation is the place to be for indie developers.

Another big announcement that Sony made at Gamescom is that they will now be partnering with Twitch, the gaming livestream specialists to give gamers yet another excuse to utilise the brilliant ‘Share’ button on the new DualShock controller. Matthew DiPietro, vice president of marketing at Twitch, says that “[They are] going to have the opportunity to get Twitch broadcasting into the hands of almost every gamer in the country, and potentially the world, soon,” so Sony are clearly ahead of the curve with their PS4 partnership.

More PS4 announcements are likely to be revealed by Sony before the PS4’s release, so we’ll keep you posted.

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