Sony Support Indie Devs on PS4, Reveal Huge Game List

While many have accused Microsoft of throwing indies under the bus, Sony have reaffirmed their commitment by announcing huge PS4 support for indie devs.

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If consumers are at the forefront of a company’s mind when they develop a brand new console, then where are developers in the food chain? For Sony, developers are at the core of the creation of the PS4, as the entire console was produced with their thoughts and ideas and opinions in mind. More so, in Sony’s PS4 plans are indie developers, who Sony believe will truly hammer home their idea of ‘games over all else’, in conjunction with their huge list of exclusive PS4 titles (over which they’ve promised 20 will be released within the PS4’s launch year). Here are the best of the recently announced indie bunch.

Transistor image


The first of these titles is Transistor, which is from the same team that made the critically acclaimed game “Bastion”. Transistor is set in the city of “Cloudbank”, during a time where the location’s most influential voices are going missing and as the game’s reveal trailer will tell you, Red, the main protagonist, is worried that she’ll be next. Similarly to Bastion, Transistor is also an action game. That’s currently all we know but Sony have enough faith in it to feature it in its E3 presser, so it’s more than good enough for me.

Don't Starve image

Don’t Starve

Being described as an “uncompromising, wilderness survival game full of science and magic”, in Don’t Starve, you play as a character called Wilson, a “Gentleman Scientist” who’s been trapped by a demon and dumped into a spooky wilderness. Always with the demons. Don’t Starve’s selling point is that the game’s entire world is, according to the developer, randomly generated. And don’t expect the game to be an easy ride either, as the dev are also saying that “Basically, you try not to die, but you will. A lot.” Intriguing indeed.

Mercenary Kings image

Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is a 4 player co-op shoot-em-up that allows you and three friends to take on a evil organisation called “CLAW”. What’s interesting about Mercenary Kings is that it will match old-skool foundations (the visuals, the premise, the running and gunning) with a new school flavour when it arrives on PS4, as the game also includes a “compelling” crafting system. You’ll go on missions, take out enemies and get rewarded with loot. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

Outlast image


Now here’s a game that promise to scare the ever-loving faecal matter out of you when it launches. As a “survival horror” title set in an abandoned asylum,Outlast is playing brave by attempting to put the chills down your spine without the use of the undead. Instead you have to take on escaped patients and as you play as a journalist who has no weapons or fighting ability, your task to get free is only going to be made even harder.

All of the games sees incredibly promising so it’ll be interesting to see just how they develop over the run up to the PS4’s release.

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