Bathtub Made Out Of Books

There’s nothing quite like slipping into a warm bath with a good book after a long, stressful day, but Vanessa Mancini has built a bathtub that’s perfect if you’re looking for something to read: it’s actually made out of books.

This cool bathtub comes to us from the blog Who Cares About That? via Boing Boing. Vanessa put the books into a metal frame, forming the bathtub, with antique metal lion’s feet for the legs. She later intends to use a resin on the books, which will allow the tub to actually work as a tub.

Bathtub made out of books

As Beatrice M, the author of Who Cares About That? says: “The idea is of immersing oneself in knowledge, books, truths, and ‘cleaning’ or ‘purifying’ one’s mind with from external, every day life bombarding from media, by reading ad reflecting on books,- ‘pure sources’, which is of course, metaphorical, implying we can become polluted by ideas of truths and knowledge, which we can only ‘clean’ by reading our way through to our own ideas and reflections.”

(Vanessa also happens to be Beatrice’s twin sister.)

The pages on the floor of the tub are open, so you could actually do some reading if you just looked down. Vanessa also made some footprints out of pages torn out from the books.

This is a cool design, and I would love to see what it looks like when it’s actually filled with water. If you like cool bookshelves, check out our post on The Motion, a rocking bookshelf. You might also be interested in this lamp made out of a book.