If Radioactive Man Would Have Been an Actual Movie Poster

In the fictional world that is the universe of The Simpsons, there is no Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s the much better Rainier Wolfcastle, who seems to have an eerily similar career track to Arnie from our world.

Wolfcastle is known to the less astute Simpsons fans simply as McBain, which is a general parody about everything cheesy and bad in the actions films business. His movie career takes kind of a downturn at some point, just like the real Schwarzenegger’s did.

One of his biggest mess ups was the ill-fated attempt to take the Comic Book character of radioactive man to the cinema. Not just Wolfcastle’s terrible attempt at saying the famous tagline ‘up and atom‘; The movie eventually didn’t get made, because of constant price-gouging by Springfield vendors, and Milhouse snapping from the pressure of the role, and refusing to continue to portray Fallout Boy.

But if the movie would have been made, in our universe or the fictional one, this awesome poster would be perfect.