Razer Hydra: Motion Control Brought To PC With Portal 2

PC gamers are nowadays a bit less respected perhaps, than console gamers by the gaming industry. Fortunately, there is still Razer and this company cares for them, too.

For some time motion control was exclusive for console gamers only, starting from Wiimote followed by PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect. PC gamers could only envy them or possibly try to convince you that nothing can replace the real gaming experience using mouse and keyboard. But we’re not talking about replacing anything, Razer Hydra means just improvement. Quite significant one.

Razer Hydra looks quite similar to controllers known from consoles. Razer promises a very high precision level of tracking the movement, up to 1 mm and 1 degree, and the response time is supposed to be similar to computer keyboard and mouse. Each Hydra set contains of one base tracking station and two controllers, both having 4 hyperesponse action buttons and a precisie analogue stick. Hydra definitely brings a whole new dimension of gaming to PC, which for the younger generation of gamers is perhaps considered as less attractive.

Razer claims there’s no need to configure and calibrate Hydra at all, it’s actually a simple plug-and-play device. What’s more, they even say there are 125 games available on the market ready to be played with the use of Hydra. Those are titles like COD: Black Ops, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Crysis 2, or Left 4 Dead 2. But probably the most exciting is the new released Portal 2, Razer Hydra will be sold bundled with this game. Unfortunately, that offer is quite pricey at the beginning. You must be ready to spend $139.99 to get Hydra and Portal 2 set, which is ready for pre-order. The shipping starts in June 2011.

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Via: Razer Zone