Razer’s VR Headset to Include Leap Motion Hand Tracking Sensor

As a manufacturer of all-things-gaming, Razer couldn’t have missed the VR revolution. In order to distinguish itself from the competition, Razer plans to integrate Leap Motion hand tracking into its future VR headset.

In order to qualify as some sort of reality, VR should include by default interaction with the surrounding objects in the virtual space. Without presence, the whole immersion concept is brought down exclusively to the visual experience, and that’s not always very satisfactory. Let’s face it, controlling things with your hands in virtual reality is much better than using a controller. If we are to leave the real world for the virtual one, the experience needs to be complete, and that’s exactly what Razer wants to do by implementing the Leap Motion hand tracking sensor in its VR headset.

There’s always the option to get any other VR headset you like and buy the Leap Motion hand tracking sensor separately. That could turn out not only more expensive, but also less convenient to use. Fortunately, Leap Motion has announced that it would cooperate with Razer’s OSVR to put the hand tracking sensors right into the headset.

Leap Motion sensors will be provided in the form of an optional faceplate in OSVR’s hardware developer kit, which means that if you don’t need or want these sensors, you could always opt for the OSVR headset that comes without them.

This implementation is not better only for the consumers, but also for the devs, who no longer have to code for multiple platforms. From a user’s standpoint, the experience is more seamless.

Keep in mind that Leap Motion did not offer exclusivity to Razer, and in fact, it wants to collaborate with other companies from the VR industry, in order to bring the sensors to more VR headsets.

“Using your hands is not only the most natural method, it’s also the most intuitive,” said Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion’s CEO and co-founder. “I love that feeling of ‘Wow, my hand is in the computer.’ When that happens, there’s connection and magic,” added David Holz, Leap Motion’s CTO and other co-founder.

While consumers might have to wait a while till they get their mittens on a Leap Motion-equipped VR headset, it’s good to know this is really happening. Pre-orders for the OSVR headset will be live in May, with shipping expected to start in June.

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