Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 kicks off Sony’s first-party PS4 exclusives

Check out what first-party exclusives for the PlayStation 4 Sony had for show during their E3 2013 press event.

The Order 1886 PS4 E3 2013 image

You can’t enjoy that $399 price point, always-online restriction, and “used games welcomed” policy if you don’t have any games to play on your PlayStation 4. Right? Good thing Sony managed to present an eclectic bunch during their Monday night presser.

Particularly, with their first-party output that we’ll go through right now and lead with the first original IP created by Ready At Dawn studios, called The Order: 1886. The game – a shooter most likely – truly is imaginative upon first watch, featuring a unique, industrial-punk take of Victorian-era London.

The Order: 1886 – Release date: TBA

What enemies await you in The Order: 1886? Could be werewolves, maybe Jack the Ripper- type demons? Who knows. It certainly does look quite fascinating. And so does the next PS4 first-party game shown at Sony’s media event, inFamous: Second Son.

Developer Sucker Punch’s next chapter in their inFamous series sadly isn’t hopping on the the PS4 launch bus in time – its slated for a loose “before March 31, 2014” release – but from the looks of it, the super powered action title is… well, explosive.

The explosive-ness isn’t totally at the forefront of the trailer below though, as it focuses on the close/not-so-close relationship between Second Son’s two key roles, superhuman Delsin Rowe and his normie older brother, Reggie. Take a look!

inFamous: Second Son – Release date: Q1 2014

The next three games premiered back in February’s reveal of the PlayStation 4, and this time around Sony delivered three new trailers for Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and #DRIVECLUB.

Let’s reintroduce Knack from Sony’s Japan Studio, a charming 3D platformer based around a robot named Knack that can collect spare parts and transform to suit its gameplay needs. Be it to shrink past a group of lasers or grow large to become a one-machine wrecking crew.

Knack – Release date: Launch

Evolution Studio’s next racer is heading for the pavement rather than the all terrain off-roads audiences have come to expect with their Motorstorm series. DRIVECLUB is focused on fast supercars, real-world tracks, and a social element that lets players form racing clubs.

#DRIVECLUB – Release date: Launch

The sixth entry into the Killzone franchise will finish off our look into the PS4 first-party games shown during Sony’s E3 press event. Here’s a new trailer for Guerilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall, filled with a bit more gameplay action from this exciting first-person shooter.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Release date: Launch

Now, this first party PS4 list might look small on this page, but Sony promised on Monday night that 20 exclusive titles will be available for the new platform when it launches later this year. Whether all at the same time though, is a question still unanswered.

We’ll have more coverage from E3, pricing news about the Xbox One, its line up of games, including a huge roundup of the Indie games Sony gave a gracious chunk of time and appreciation during their presser.