Xbox One Release Date, Pricing and New Xbox 360 Announced

The world’s biggest electronic expo is now in full swing and Microsoft’s press conference has brought fresh Xbox One details and a new Xbox 360.

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For gamers, there are two unofficial gaming holidays. The fall release season where the best games come out and the month of June, where the biggest gaming companies take to Los Angeles to show off their wares at E3. First up is Microsoft, who have today announced their official plans for the Xbox One launch, alongside a brand new Xbox 360 offer, showing that they’re spearheading their console efforts across the board.

On the hand of the next-generation with the Xbox One, Microsoft have announced the RRP as $499, €499 and £429. Much to no one’s surprise, the Xbox One will also launch later this year in November 2013, in time for the big holiday rush. This rather high pricing is already alienating gamers, with many taking to Twitter to ask how they’re meant to accumulate those funds ahead of November.

Out of the Xbox One’s list of revealed pricing for the USA, the UK and Europe(we likely won’t hear Asian pricing until interest in that territory has been gauged, so there could be a little wait), it so happens that the $499 pricing is the cheapest, according to present currency rates(it equates to £320, while €499 is equivalent to £424).

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Hoping to appease those who won’t be able to afford the next-generation of Xbox, Microsoft have also announced a brand new offer for the current gen of the console, the Xbox 360. Slimmer, sleeker and looking strikingly similar to the Xbox One is an even slicker looking version of the Xbox 360.

Available in the US, UK, Canada and Australia from today (available in more places ‘soon’, say Microsoft), the new 360 is almost the same as the older version of it (in terms of specs) although it looks different and is being offered far more cheaply too. The 4GB model (without Kinect) retails for $199.99, while a 250GB (also without Kinect) is selling for $299.99. There’s also a 4GB version with Kinect that will set you back by $299.99.

Too announced with the new Xbox 360 is that popular MMORPG, World of Tanks, will be a console exclusive and that Microsoft will be launching a PlayStation Plus-style incentive program for Xbox Live Gold members, and will offer two free games per month. Announced games so far include the Xbox 360-staple game Halo 3 as well the popular stealth-em-up title from Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed 2.

E3 is far from over so keep checking walyou for the latest tech news from the conference.

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